Tourism Guide for Brazilians

Have you ever wondered how Brazil does it? The country has become one of the leading tourist paradises making big money. This humouristic tourism guide makes an excellent reading for anyone visiting Brazil or similar highly popular tourist destination. Have a peek behind the scenes!

  • 4th edition; 34 pages; cost-price paperback and free ebooks
  • Public domain in English and Spanish; published book in Finnish
  • Keywords: Brazil; travelling; tourism; guidebook; training; humour; satire

Fifo at Amazon: This is a short and clear no-nonsense guide to establishing yourself in the tourism trade (but only if you are a Brazilian in Brazil, mind you). As the World Cup and the Olympics are drawing closer, you have only yourself to blame if you don't get rich. Although the authors are strongly against it, the book may also be used by non-Brazilians in order to help the hapless tourist avoid some of the common pitfalls when travelling around this "country of the future".

You are most welcome to translate this book into your language!

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