The Guide to The Good Life

In Finnish: Hyvän elämän opas

What does it mean to live the good life and how to do it?

The Guide to The Good Life takes you to the sources of various self-cultivation philosophies in different cultures and offers you fresh insights of the good life.

Self-cultivation has become more and more important in the modern world as religions, traditions and morality no longer restrict individual choice. The book challenges you to question your values and habits in order to add depth and meaning to your daily life. Are you ready to participate in a Korean fake funeral or learn about South-African sexual therapy?

  • Hardcover, e-book and MP3 audiobook; 287 pages
  • ISBN 978-952-041-315-6; Finnish library classification: 17.3
  • Publisher: Tammi (Finland), February 2020
  • Available in Finnish

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