Living the Extremes

In Finnish: Platinainen pilvenreuna

How did I quit the information society, my own business, and GNU/Linux? Why did Nokia fail with mobile phones? The book is critical. It challenges the values of the information society and takes the reader to the backstage. The most important question is whether development is as inevitable as we think. Santeri Kannisto found happiness only by quitting his business, SOT Finnish Software Engineering Ltd., after a career of 13 years. He left the information society and technocracy behind, married for the third time, and started to travel the world.

  • Hardcover; 236 pages
  • Published by AMK-Kustannus (Finland), 2007
  • Santeri Kannisto’s autobiography is available in Finnish

"I never lived by the golden mean. This books tells openly about the people and businesses I worked with, the GNU/Linux community, and the public sector. My life often felt like the soap opera The Bold and The Beautiful", Santeri Kannisto describes.

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