Hot Holidays

How sex tourism moves people, feelings and money around

In Finnish: Kuuma loma

"Hot Holidays" takes you to a round-the-world tour from South America to Asia, Africa and Central America to have a peek at the fascinating world of sex tourism.

Having wild sex in a hotel room, enjoying tender kisses on a beach or searching for a life partner? Sex tourism includes all this and much more. The book takes you to hot destinations to meet different kinds of sex tourists: Fabio admires Asian almond eyes, Linda picks up Western business men in Malaysia, and Terry has been scammed in the Kenyan marriage market. Sex tourism is a huge business. In Thailand alone, it produces more riches than the export of rice.

  • Softcover; 280 pages
  • Published by Atena Kustannus (Finland), 2018
  • Available in Finnish

Helsingin Sanomat: "The authors write vividly, and the book contains many striking stories."

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