Happy together

In Finnish: Onnelliset yhdessä - Parisuhdekirja

Are you ready to consider your options without resorting to compromises and sacrificing your happiness? Happy Together is a book on couple relationships for anyone who wants to build a happy and strong relationship. The book guides the reader to address the big questions influencing relationships – Am I Happy? What do I want from life? What is the meaning of life? – and to analyse the success of their relationship. Various problems, challenges and solutions are discussed with Eric Berne's Transactional Analysis (TA) that is practice-oriented and simple to use in everyday situations. With case examples, the book offers useful tools for relationships.

  • Free Ebook (PDF); 114 pages
  • BY-NC-SA 1.0, 2007
  • Available in Finnish. Would you like to translate this book? Contact us!

Suitable for those who are already in a relationship, considering divorce, divorcees, and those looking for a new relationship. We all have a possibility to live in a happy relationship.

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