Global Nomads

Challenges of mobility in the sedentary world

The book examines the under-explored phenomenon of location-independence, which blurs the boundaries between travel, migration, and dwelling. The topic is approached through a group of location-independent travellers, the so called 'global nomads' who illustrate the complex subjectivities and power relations associated with sustained mobility.

  • Tilburg University, the Netherlands
  • Paperback and free eBook; 279 pages
  • ISBN 978-90-5335-830-6
  • Published by Ridderprint in 2014
  • Keywords: global nomads; travel; mobilities; location-independence; discourse analysis; Foucault; power; citizenship

The research is located in the field of tourism, lifestyle migration, and mobilities studies and employs Foucauldian theories on power and subjectivity.

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